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Is South Bombay a restaurant petri dish?

It was once said of Manhattan, “You can go out to eat every night, and still not end up at the same place twice”. It may not be much of an exaggeration, if at all it is one, to say the same for Bandra. The suburb is home to many food joints of repute, and restaurants open and shut here much like the doors of fate on their owners.

It is a bigger gamble to open a restaurant in Bandra, simply because of the competition. There are all sorts of places to eat here, and an innumerable number of eateries in each category. If one were to pick a place to simply grab a bite on Linking Road, one would have to choose between the sandwichwalla outside National College, Subway, McDonald’s, KFC, Theobroma, the famous frankie shop and more. Places to drink around Linking Road alone include Escobar, Cafe Mangii, Elbo Room, Janata, Soul Fry, Bonobo and Firangi Paani. If you frequent Bandra, you might have even thought of one or two yourself, in addition to this list. These places are all different in terms of ambience, across sections of price and still attract crowds. Andheri too, has similar characteristics.

Even though the real estate is expensive in South Bombay, there isn’t much competition. It is more viable to open a unique place here, so that the choice deprived locals come, get a sense of the place and help make it a brand. That is what Bandra makes it difficult to do, make your restaurant one that is memorable and unique. And since the restaurant business is one of word of mouth, before you know it, a place can be successful with frequent visitors.

Take for example this list of restaurants. All of them opened in South Bombay first, got noticed and built a  following. Now, they have branches in Bandra and/or Andheri. The list includes: Suzette, Moshe’s, Woodside Inn, Theobroma, Basilico, 5 Spice.

Can you think of any restaurant that opened in South Bombay after a suburban branch? Do let us know!

Sarvesh Talreja

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Suzette diversifies

After a smashing success was met at their cosy Nariman Point outpost, Suzette opened another outlet at Pali Hill in Bandra. This outlet is bigger, with a cosy outdoor section. The treat, however, is that Suzette now has a new menu, comprising additions to the breakfast section, the crepes section and a new section of pasta salads being its highlights.

We decided to visit the Nariman Point branch during lunchtime, and were lucky enough not only to get a table, but to be sitting next to a duo of friends amusing us with their tales, as we couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

The Pasta Salad section looked interesting, despite having only 3 selections and some add-ons. We decided on a Ratatouille Salad from there, to be accompanied by a newly introduced Pays Crepe, the description of which mentioned caramelized onions, immediately tickling our sense of curiosity.

After a short wait of more eavesdropping than talking (it’s not that we are boring, but our neighbours were absolutely amusing, without even the slightest awareness of it), our server brought us our order.

The salad contained a lot more pasta than we had anticipated. The ratatouille dressing was delicious, once we moved past the lack of its encompassing presence. Due to this skewed proportion, we were left munching on pieces of fusilli more than we would have preferred.

The too much pasta, too little ratatouille salad

The star of this meal was undoubtedly the Pays Crepe. Apart from being generously slathered, the caramelized onions in a crepe were an absolute revelation. The chicken pieces were perfectly juicy and soft.

To wash it down, we went with the Tomato juice, because it’s impossible to not want to try a juice that contains Tabasco. The glass was nicely sized and filled with the consistent goodness of a gently spicy flavour, much of it courtesy the basil and Tabasco.

We know we’re going back, for the food, for the French music and for the fact that nowhere else in the city will you get caramelized onions wrapped inside of anything.

Average meal for two: Rs. 600

Suzette: Atlanta. Ground Floor,
Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Open: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Sarvesh Talreja

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