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From Mamma’s Kitchen

Being an ardent dessert-lover, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at baking and did so a few times, however, a tad unsuccessful. Recipe books and innovative baking techniques off blogs do help, but nothing beats attempting a recipe straight from your mother’s kitchen. If it’s comfort food, it is even more exciting. I tried my hand at baking a very basic Bread Pudding as per mom’s instructions. Here is the recipe. I am sure a first-time baker can successfully give this a shot.

–          Ingredients:

  • Milk – 2 cups
  • Butter – 150 grams
  • Approx 7-8  slices of bread (tear them into small pieces) In case you prefer a healthier option, use whole-wheat bread
  • Brown Sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • Vanilla Essence – ½  teaspoon
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Nutmeg
  • Raisins/Almonds/Cashews (optional)

–       Method:

  • Heat milk in a saucepan on medium flame. Add the butter. Stir it until melted. Keep aside to cool.
  • Mix sugar, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla essence in a bowl. Beat with an electric mixer and then add the milk to it.
  • Put the bread pieces in a greased tin. Pour the mixture on top of it.
  • Bake for about 40-45 minutes. (I use an oven, not a microwave and hence it takes a comparatively long time to bake)
  • Voila! Serve warm or try it with a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Photo Courtesy:Khorshed Deboo

– Khorshed Deboo 

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Three Things with Orange Juice

Who says that the only way to have freshly-prepared orange juice is by gulping it down during a rushed breakfast? Think out of the box. We came up with three innovative ways of using orange juice in our daily meals.

1.      Orange-flavoured  Green Tea:

Twinings has introduced an Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea in the UK. (http://shop.twinings.co.uk/shop/green-tea-bags/orange-lotus-flower-green.html)

It may adorn the supermarket shelves in Mumbai soon, but until then, what better way than brewing your own orange-infused green tea at home? It is pretty simple.

Boil water on a medium flame and add one teaspoon of green tea leaves to it. (Organic India has an impressive range.) Brew for two minutes and then add the zest of an orange peel while it is boiling. Allow it to boil for another minute. Serve at room temperature.

Another innovative option to add fresh orange juice (20 ml approximately) to the brew while it is boiling. This will give the tea an overpowering orange flavour, as compared to the one prepared using the zest – which is quite subtle.

2.      Tangy Salad Dressing

Mix about ½ cup of thick orange juice with 1 tablespoon each of honey and olive oil. Add a little mustard if you like a slight pungent taste. This can be used as a salad dressing – a welcome change from the usual mayonnaise and vinaigrette. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.

tangy salad dressing

Image Courtesy: Chow.com

3.      Citrus Punch Slush

Mix freshly squeezed orange juice, pineapple juice and light rum together. Serve chilled with club soda.

Now tell us about how you would creatively use orange juice to conjure up a dish!

– Khorshed Deboo  

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