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Le Pain Quotidien: A Review

Belgian chain ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ has opened up its local branch for about a year now, and business is good. The restaurant, divided over 2 levels, is usually spread out over one.

We ventured into LPQ one morning, and it wasn’t a truly fine one until we left. The space is understated and classy, with a charming European touch. The light shades of wood on the tables provide a subtle contrast with more caramel shade found on the walls. The staircase leading upstairs is a sight, as is the chandelier atop.

Translating to ‘The Daily Bread’, the name of this restaurant seems like an apt practical joke, as nothing here is pocket friendly, but everything is well worth the money. Our order was a three egg omelette with ham and cheese, an espresso and a dark chocolate waffle.

The staff was well spoken and courteous, and tend to pick up fast on what you might want. They suggested a portion of the fresh chocolate eclairs, which they said were fresh out of the oven. We relented.

The crowd was interesting. One would expect to see many of the rich ‘SoBo’ sort, but there was a surprisingly high amount of backpackers. They sat on their small tables, and seemed to be planning their activities for the day from Lonely Planets, Time Out Mumbai for travellers, and other such publications. It was a rather interesting mix.

The food arrived at a slow pace, but in such a pretty restaurant, we aren’t complaining. The dark chocolate waffle came with a small side of fruits, and the omelette with some vegetables. The espresso, though only a shot, came in a tall glass. It made me get a little creative and take this:

The Iced-Espresso Shot

The waffle was beyond ordinary. It was warm and soft, with the portion of sauce wafting over every crevice on the surface of the waffle. The omelette looked small and tasted perfect, filling me up rather unexpectedly. The espresso was nothing out of the ordinary, but the winner was the chocolate eclair. It was rather cheap compared to the other items on the menu. But being fresh out of the oven, it was delightfully creamy on the inside, with a generous covering of chocolate on the outside. It was the perfect ending to a superb meal.

We will come back, though if we did often, we might not have money to buy lunch, dinner or even a vada pav. It’s definitely break worth breaking the bank for, but not daily, unless you’re one of the local Richie Rich.

Le Pain Quotidien: Dhanraj Mahal,
C. S. M. Road, Apollo Bunder.

– Sarvesh Talreja

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Restaurant Review: Cafe Mangii Weekend Breakfast

We know weekends are meant to be sacrosanct, but you MUST at some point in your life get to Cafe Mangii on a Saturday/Sunday morning before 11:30am.


For just Rs 225 (Rs199 without taxes) you get an entire set menu where you can choose from a variety of options in 5 courses.

1. Fruit Juice.

2. Cereal

3. Bread with eggs/mushrooms/baked beans

4. Croissant/Danish

5. Pancakes/Waffles.

Sound too good to be true? It was. So much so, that we were so full with the first 3 courses, we just couldnt ask for the next 2. When was the last time you went to a place and couldnt to justice to the food? That too, so cheap!

Our Masala Omelette was perfectly done, with some good whole-wheat toast to accompany. Even the Ham and Cheese Omelette had a perfect amount of succulent ham.

The fruit juice luckily came without sugar, unlike most other places.

And the waffles were just to die for. They come with a tiny bowl of Pancake Syrup to accompany which we initially thought was a tad less. But, it turned out to be just the perfect amount.

Though the cereal came with room-temperature milk instead of cold, we loved the place.

We shall soon return to try their a la carte menu too.

-Avanti Adivarekar

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