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The dessert in the Martini Glass

Recently, I got a chance to order a dessert at the ITC Maratha Sheraton beside Mumbai International Airport. (for free!)

First of all, the fact the dessert came in a Martini Glass just meant, I HAD to blog about it.

This is what was ordered:

Cinnamon Apple Crumble with Mascarpone Mousse and Streusel

Now, I didn’t know what Streusel was till today, but it tasted heavenly. Such a superb crunchiness to go with the dessert. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streusel)

Let me explain what each layer was:

1. Mascarpone Mousse.

2. A Poached Apple mash with a (large) hint of cinnamon.

and then the same thing again.

All this topped with streusel.

Since words like divine will just do injustice, I’m going to let the picture do the talking.

Please do excuse the half eaten bit. My sister and I are to blame.

See the layers?



-Avanti Adivarekar

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