And we’re back.

After a long hiatus, which I must apologize for, we’re back.

I am still camera-less but borrowed one from Sarvesh, of this blog.

I went to Italy recently and all everyone said in the mornings at hotels, was ‘buongiorno’.

So, BuonGiorno!

Italy is a lot like India. A lot of things are dirty and they couldn’t care less. And customer service to them is an alien concept.

Till July, I had been craving Agli E Olio a lot. So I said to myself, what better place to have it than Italy?

The first place I went to, I ordered Agli E Olio. I kid you not, this is what it was:

Literally, just oil and noodles. Even the garlic was invisible.









So I said, let’s not give up. The second place had the EXACT same thing. I asked for more garlic, hoping it would fix the taste. You’re not going to believe what they gave me. Around 5 peeled cloves of garlic- yes, raw! I then officially gave up.

But, that didn’t stop my pasta endeavours.

This is authentic red sauce- No sauce. Just tomatoes pureed and tossed in pasta.









I am not even joking, there was just no stopping to the Maida and Cheese.

This was my sister’s dish- Ricotta and spinach in ravioli parcels.









Since everyone boasts about it, I decided, lets have the quattro formaggi.
I couldn’t eat it. Enough said. Too dry + rich.










A similar ricotta and spinach combination, but baked













I’m evidently more of a white sauce person, and it shows. But, lots more photos coming up- I’m just figuring out how to categorize!

In other news, Khorshed of this blog now works at BBC GoodFood 🙂

Also, if anyone knows a graphic designer, we’re interested.


-Avanti Adivarekar


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