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Hello Healthy Breakfast

So, I’ve been in Dubai and pigging on everything unhealthy that my grocery stocks. I’d have blogged about all these things but am camera less.

But, a while ago an aunt of mine had come down here and made herself breakfast with whatever ingredients there were available. I didnt pay much heed to them till I wanted something similar recently.

And for once, this is one of the more healthy things to have for breakfast.

Here you go:

Take a regular bowl of corn flakes/bran flakes. Chop up some of your favorite fruit in it. (I used bran flakes and chopped up pineapples)

And then crush whatever nuts there are available.

Bran. Pineapple. Nuts











I used Almonds and Walnuts.










(Yes, I have a mini mortar and pestle at home.)

A bowl free of guilt










And THEN go ahead and cold milk, very cold. It’s amazing how fresh this tastes.

(In case it doesn’t taste too sweet, you can always add honey. That’s what I do)


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