The cheapest San Churro substitute

So my sister and I were craving something sweet (read: San Churro’s) but didn’t want to spend so much. We had a very ordinary idea, but actually executed it for once this time.

My maid chopped up strawberries. I bought 7 strips of Dairy Milk and held them on a water bath. yes, exactly what you’re thinking.

They melted in a matter of minutes and you can pretty much guess what I did next.

Here’s a photograph as of 5 minutes ago.

Yes, they’re devoured and over.

My next experiment would be using Roast Almond Dairy Milk Silk instead.

Anyone want to suggest otherwise?


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One thought on “The cheapest San Churro substitute

  1. next time try roasting almonds and cashews in butter and add melted dairy milk to it. Pour it on vanilla ice cream. Heaven!
    -Ketki Asher

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