An assortment of hidden gems

The entire concept of treasure is based on it being hard to find. No one will know much of it, or talk much of it, or encourage you to go ahead and look for it. It requires a brazen heart, a soldier’s spirit and the will of an adventurer, then, to find good food in a city filled with good food. Except this food is the sort that not many others know about.

The joints we want to cover are niche in their appeal, small and cosy, usually frequented only by the junta who live or walk around it. However, we are of the opinion that they have delicious food. Food good enough to make intra-city pilgrimages for. At least here, every bite is real.

1. Cafe New York: From the outside, it looks rather run down. It’s not fancy in the least, but largely well kept. This tiny hole in the wall can still seat about 40, and is an Irani that happens to be doing well. They serve alcohol for cheap, and apart from that, their food is largely exquisite. A meal here is likely to set you back less than 200 rupees, and we recommend the Akuri on Toast, the Fried Chicken Nuggets and a song of your choice on their jukebox.

Address: Dabholkar Building, 44, Hughes Road.
Serves all meals.
Average meal for 2: 400 Rupees (without alcohol).

2. Bespoke Cafe: With a name like that, Bespoke Cafe makes you pay attention. And indeed we did, as we walked into their little manly den of unoccupied brilliance. This cafe is nestled inside a luxury clothing store, and somehow,  very pocket friendly. The menu has Pastas, Burgers, Sadwiches, Salads and Desserts.

The place is known for being unknown, despite having high leather armchairs, good service and a tenderloin burger that is easily the best value we’ve had for our money. If only they were open for longer hours.

Address: Level 1 of The Collective, Palladium,
High Street Phoenix.
Open from 12 PM to 8 PM.
Average meal for 2: 500 rupees.

3. Dakshinayan: The average vegetarian restaurant is as common as a hurried commuter at a railway station. however, that is where all the similarities end between the average joint and Dakshinayan. The food is purely south-Indian, and authentic at that. No bastardized masala, no soda infused dosa sough.

The Rasam is at par with the Matunga stronghold of south-Indian eateries. Other stellar options are the Masala Idli, the Rawa Dosa and most of the picks of their menu.

Address: 183, Teen Batti Road, Walkeshwar,
Malabar Hill.
Open from 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM for lunch, 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM for dinner.
Average meal for 2: 300 Rupees.

Sarvesh Talreja


One thought on “An assortment of hidden gems

  1. Last I was there, Bespoke Cafe was shut along with the rest of The Collective, for renovation.

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