Restaurant Review: Chocolateria San Churro

Tucked away in the large glass building of Akruti Skypark in Breach Candy is a small joint that just spells happiness.

We’re talking about Chocolateria San Churro’s. You may be wondering, what a Chocolateria could mean. You’re probably thinking on the correct lines- in case you’re thinking of chocolate oozing out of shakes/desserts/anything possible. That is EXACTLY what San Churros is about. With a new branch opened at breach candy just recently; this underrated eatery is just the place you must visit when you feel like committing sin. Their menu is dessert. Of course, there are a few savoury sandwiches, but their highlight is chocolate dips served with churros. A long deep fried stick made of flour. San churros has a great variety on their menu, ranging from the regular cheesecakes and pastries to their signature desserts (and boy, they are signature!) to creamy, rich hot chocolates. They even have merchandise to take home; though it is a tad absurd to take back a mini chocolate fondue pot (of hardly 200ml) for 800INR. Their assortment of dips is milk, white and dark, all of which taste equally divine when had with churros- depending on your preference. With a beautiful grey and orange ambience, San Churro oozes with uniqueness. And let’s face it, chocolate will never go out of fashion.

We would recommend (and so would the waiter) the Berry Bizcocho [Rs 250]. It apparently does the best too. Possibly because of its just perfect combination of ingredients: Nuts, Chilled Custard, Milk Chocolate, Strawberries and Brownie bits. (The photo should explain better)

Their display of desserts was quite neat and orderly, unlike most bakeries that seem to think otherwise. With huge sofa-like chairs, San Churro naturally has a lounge like feel to it, with a very

In spite of the fact that a few things on their menu still aren’t available; like the fruit skewer we still love the place. Another thing that will probably hold you back is the lack of much of a fruit variety to dip with your chocolate. Say you aren’t so much of a chocolate person and would prefer to dip fruits into your chocolate rather than biscottis and brownies, there isn’t much of a variety except strawberries. Whatever happened to bananas and pineapples with chocolate? Especially because strawberries are seasonal in India, San Churro could do with this menu tweak.

All in all, there isn’t another place that satisfies your chocolate fondue cravings more. Or for that matter, liquid chocolate at all.

San Churro

101, Ackruti City Emerald
Bhulabhai Desai Road
Mahalakshmi, Mumbai.

A standard meal for 2 goes to approximately Rs. 1000 including the 10%service charge.

DISCLAIMER:  The photos of this post are owned solely by I have only copied them from there as most guest-taken photos end up looking unappetizing.

-Avanti Adivarekar

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