A Guide to the nifty Pick-Me-Up

There is a new culture developing across our city’s dining establishments. Apart from the meals and the thoughtful innovation that comes with it, many eateries are now offering customers the scope to buy some of their goodies impulsively.

Here is our guide to the best of what some our favourite joints have to offer:

Indigo Deli: If eating their sent-from-heaven Eggs Benedict was not enough, Indigo sells you enough to make your own. At offer are stylish cooking equipment, meats, cheese and even cigars.

What we like: Easily the best curated selection of meat in a restaurant, their cold cut selection is worth mulling over. Cold cuts, chorizo, exquisitely rare forms of red meat are all to be found here along with a good variety of imported cheese.

Cafe Moshe’s: Moshe Shek has taken it upon himself to take over every part of our diet he can. At his branch at Phoenix, he stocks breads, cookies, desserts and other small items worth nibbling.

What we like: The chocolate caramel square at 50 bucks is the most unique concoction we have had in a while. It is filling, devil-may-care sweet and just what we need at any point in time.

Here is a way to enjoy it even more: https://thegrubguide.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/chocolate-and-caramel-in-an-ice-cream/

Kala Ghoda Cafe: This wonderful space does some fantastic stuff with their menu. Their salads have more leaf, their hot chocolate more happiness, and their coffee more wake-up-chromosome than most other good places we’ve visited.

What we like: While they do have tiny jars of cookies and muffins that are delectable, we like their coffee the best. It comes in two varieties: bean and grounded. The menu claims it is especially and organically grown in a farm in the south. It is a far cry from any of the other coffee you might have tasted, and that only makes it more enjoyable.

Theobroma: There isn’t much to say of this space that isn’t known. As if to defy their tiny space in Colaba, they have a menu large enough to compete with most small restaurants, and the quality of food is at par only because the desserts are much better here.

What we like: Their new concept of boxes with fresh cakes in them. The flavours are old and classic, but haven’t been served with a Theobroma twist before. The Lemon Cake is possibly our unanimous favourite, though it had to get through a toothy battle with the Honey and Walnut Cake and the Banana Bread .

Here is another innovation worth trying out at  Theobroma: https://thegrubguide.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/orange-juice-as-a-cake/

– Sarvesh Talreja

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