Five Problematic Ingredients

As a food enthusiast and people who experiment with recipes very often, we thought we’d share with you some ingredients that are a little difficult to buy in Mumbai. Thus, this should serve as guide as to which recipes you may just want to aloof yourselves from.

1. Cream Cheese.

The only Cream cheese we’ve seen available in the market, is Philadelphia by Kraft. It’s available but expensive.

2. Vanilla bean.

Again, available at A1 stores at Crawford Market for Rs40 a pod.

3. Cream Varieties.

One of the biggest problems with cooking in Mumbai is the lack of availability of cream.The only locally manufactured cream available happens to Amul’s Fresh Cream Tetra Pak. Any other kind of cream like sour cream, whipping cream etc that a recipe calls for, shall require extra spending by default.

4. Maple Syrup.

Obviously scarcely available and very expensive. There was a bottle of 100% maple syrup available at Dolce Vita for Rs.700!

5. Readymade Pesto.

Though fresh basil seems to be abundantly available, for some reason, readymade Pesto isn’t. The only brand that seems even remotely affordable is Sacla which too is around Rs250+ for a small jar.

But for those who would still rather use exotic ingredients/not very available ingredients, there is always your closest Nature’s Basket or the newly opened Dolce Vita. (Dolce Vita, Grand Galleria, Phoenix Mills, Senapati Bapat Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai)

-Avanti Adivarekar

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