Orange Juice as a Cake?

On our money saving spree, we happened to visit Theobroma as well and came across their Orange Juice Cake. It looks a lot  like a tea cake, but just a little more appetizing,  since it looks like it has been drenched in an orange syrup. For Rs35, you get a slice.

Initially we thought, what a boring name. How can you not think of something more innovative?

We’ve always been very particular about the moisture of our cakes.Especially tea cakes. But this by far, surpassed out expectations.

Layered twice with regular sponge cake and filled with an orange compote-like liquid, this slice had just as much moisture as a regular pastry.

We just can’t seem to get enough of this.

Tip: If you muster up the self control to buy it and wait for a few hours, it tastes best when cold.

PS- If you’re very lucky and turn up when they haven’t yet cut their first slice, ask for it and you get the maximum amount of cake!

[The entire cake which looks a little like a loaf is for Rs.350]

-Avanti Adivarekar

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