In search of the perfect Carrot Cake

The word ‘chocolate’ almost has a magical ring to it and those who devour it will agree unanimously. Today, to our delight, there is no dearth to the ways in which chocolate is used in cooking.

How about giving it a break and exploring unconventional dessert options?

To begin with, for an otherwise uninteresting vegetable, carrots make for an exciting ingredient to conjure up a dessert. So we decided to scout around town in search of the perfect Carrot Cake. Read on to find out what catered to our taste buds and what failed to make the mark.

1.  Café West

As with most dishes on its menu, the Ginger and Carrot Cake (Rs. 60) at Café West is a damp squib. Appearances can certainly be deceptive. What looked like a perfectly shaped cake, turned out to be dry and a tad difficult to slice. Moreover, we did not quite like the fact that the sharp taste of ginger overpowered the carrot flavour. We’d suggest you stick to a Chocolate Pastry the next time you decide to come here.

At: Westside, Army and Navy Building, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

ginger and carrot

Photo Courtesy: Khorshed Deboo


2.  Kala Ghoda Café

One of our current favourites, Kala Ghoda Café makes a mean Carrot Cake. Priced at Rs. 105, it is a huge chunk served with a perfectly sweet orange cream. Surprisingly moist and juicy, it scores full marks as far as the addition of dry fruit goes. No complaints here!

At: Kala Ghoda Café, 10 Ropewalk Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

carrot cake at KGC

Photo Courtesy: Khorshed Deboo

3.  Food For Thought

Served with a generous helping of whipped cream cheese frosting, the Carrot Cake (Rs. 120) took us by surprise. Mildly spiced with cardamom and adorned with slivers of almond, this home-made, unpretentious dessert is a must-try.

At: Kitab Khana, Somaiyya Bhavan, D.N Road, Fort, Mumbai.

Food For Thought

Photo Courtesy: Khorshed Deboo

 4.  Yazdani Bakery

The square shaped Carrot Cake (Rs 18) makes for a no-fuss eat when paired with the milky Irani Chai. Though slightly crumbly, this one won’t really disappoint you. Plus, at eighteen bucks, isn’t it a steal?

At: Yazdani Bakery, Cawasji Patel Street, Fort, Mumbai. 

– Khorshed Deboo 

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