Chocolate and Caramel in an Ice Cream

Walk into your closest Moshe.

See the jams? And see a cookie jar right beside it? Open it. Yank out the least broken of those squares and buy it. (Or actually, even a broken one will do)

Caramel Biscuit

Photo Courtesy: Khorshed Deboo

We were on a money saving phase recently and started hunting for the cheapest of places. But, let’s face it-who can’t resist a trip to Moshe’s?

Anyway, we discovered this little square tucked away in a jar. Priced at Rs 50, It is probably the cheapest thing on their menu,along with granola bars. We’d generally wait to rip the cling film off these and begin munching into them till we very recently discovered a more innovative way to satiate sugar cravings.

Caramel Biscuit  at Moshe's

Photo Courtesy: Khorshed Deboo

Buy a small Mother Dairy Vanilla Ice cream cup (It’s for Rs.10!)and pour it into a bowl. I chopped up the biscuit into tiny squares and sprinkled them in the ice cream bowl.

Thus came to being our newest, quickest and cheapest dessert solution.

You know the best compliment we got? That it tasted like a McFlurry! That sent us to Cloud Nine.

– Avanti Adivarekar

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