Look who’s back!

If you couldn’t find time off your busy schedule and thus gave the Kala Ghoda festival a miss, you’ve lost out on some serious chocolate indulgence. After a noticeably successful stint at KGAF last year, we were half-expecting Glee to set up a stall. And boy, they did!


At ‘Glee Chocolates’ as the name goes – perhaps the most crowded stall at the festival, be it any time of the day, the prime attraction was the idea of having strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue, at Rs 20 per piece. (We were a little disappointed when they hiked the prices to Rs. 30 within two days of the festival. However, it seems their loyal clientele was irked and so they had to revert to the original price.)  Chocolate nibs and beans, available in three variants- plain milk, white and dark, were a melt in the mouth. Waffle sticks dipped in hot, molten chocolate were purely decadent. But what caught our fancy were the creatively made pencil-shaped and crayon- shaped chocolates, available in a range of flavors like almond, mint, hazelnut, coconut, caramel and dark ones as well. Reasonably priced at 25 each, they were completely worth our money.

Check out http://www.gleechocolates.com/ for their entire range of products.

– Khorshed Deboo 


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