Where to be This Year…

We have compiled a comprehensive list for our readers this week!

Since we don’t really have food festivals as such, we thought we could provide you with what would be interesting places to be at this year, chronologically.

1. Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Food. [February 2012]


Starting in 2012, KGAF has a new section under their activities- The Food Section. This year, there were demos from Nikhil Chib of Busaba, Pooja Dhingra of Le 15 Patisserie and Prakash Thadani of Cool Chef Cafe.

All these demos where famous chefs share their recipes are free.

2. Sula fest [February 2012]


To all you wine connoisseurs, the famous Sulafest returns every February. With an amalgamation of numerous bands as usual, Nasik is definitely the place to be on this weekend!

Sulafest passes can be bought online or at the venue.

3. Mumbai Wine Fest. [March 2012]


Organized at the Radio Club this year, Mumbai Wine Fest aims at promoting new wine manufacturers from India. There are to be a number of olive and cheese platters available for tasting along with the wines.

Mumbai Wine Fest passes can be bought online or at the venue.

4. Restaurant Week [March 2012]


For one week twice a year, they offer you the opportunity to dine at Mumbai’s most aspirational restaurants at more affordable prices. You can explore multiple fine dining options and indulge in a unique gourmet experience.

Participating Restaurants can charge only Rs1000 (excluding taxes) and not more.

5. Mumbai International Beer Festival [October 2012]


The Festival celebrates iconic beers from across the globe/ It includes great craft brews, fine food and live music.

Passes are available for Rs 500 for 4 international beer tastings.

6.The UpperCrust Show [Dec 2012]

Once the only food magazine (after the arrival of BBC Good Food India) hosts its annual show where chefs give demos and numerous retailers, wholesalers and authorized resellers of brands come together.

It generally takes place at the World Trade Centre at Cuffe Parade.

Entry is free.

-Avanti Adivarekar

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